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The price of the lease includes usage of the boat with charter equipment enlisted in the inventory list, clean and void of things and persons, with full water and gas tanks. The lease price does not include harbor and other taxes, or the gas.


Leased boat with the accompanying equipment can be handed from the lessor only if the boat lease has been paid in full, as follows: the first payment (50% of the lease amount) should be made at the latest a week from the day the reservation has been confirmed. The final payment (the remaining 50% of the lease) has to be made at the latest 4 weeks prior to beginning of the lease.


If the lessee withdraws from the rent, due to any reason, he/she can, based on a previous agreement with the lessor, find the third person who will assume his rights and obligations. If the lessee fails to find a replacement, the lessor will charge cancellation fee from the advance payment, as follows:

  • 100% of the lease amount for cancellation within 4 weeks before the beginning of the lease;
  • 50% of the lease amount for cancellation outside 4 weeks before the beginning of the lease;
  • 25% of the lease amount if the boat has been booked again.

In case of vis major (death in family, accident, war...) the lessee retains the paid amount and is obligated, in agreement with the lessee, to find a new term of the lease within the same season.


The lessor will hand over the fully equipped boat at the agreed time (from 17h00 to 20h00) at the agreed place, with a full gas and water tank and in working condition, and expects the lessee to return the boat in the same condition. If the lessor cannot, due to any reason, handover the reserved boat at the agreed place and time, he/she is obligated to ensure another boat, at least of the same type. If that is not possible, he/she is obligated to offer to the lessee the following:

  • The lessor bears the daily costs during the lessee’s waiting period;
  • The lessor ensures appropriate accommodation to the lessee during the waiting period;
  • After 24 hours of unsuccessful waiting, the lessee can withdraw from the boat lease and demand a full refund.

During the boat handover, the lessee is obligated to carefully check the condition of boat and equipment as per inventory list. Potential remarks/complaints are made before the start of the sailing, and shortages on the boat or equipment which have not been noticed during the handover, as well as the malfunctions which can happen, do not entitle the lessee to reduce the lease amount. If the further sailing is not possible due to any reason, i.e. if the lessee is not able to return the boat to the agreed place, at the agreed time, the lessee is obligated to notify the head of the base in order to get instructions. In case of delay due to poor weather, the lessee shall bear all costs of the lessor which have derived from such situation. Due to the above mentioned, we advise you to carefully plan your sailing and return to the main port in the evening hours, the day prior to handing over the boat.


Down payment is made at the boat handover, in accordance with the valid price list, which is returned to the lessee in full upon return of the undamaged boat within the agreed deadline. The down payment is made in case of leasing the boat with a skipper. In case of boat’s damage and/or loss of one or more parts, the lessee bears costs up to the amount of the down payment. We recommend additional insurance of the down payment.


The boat is insured for the damages caused to third persons (mandatory insurance) and by kasko - hull insurance in accordance with the boat’s value. In case any malfunction or damage occurs during the sailing, the lessee should under no circumstances organize the repair without approval or instructions from the Head of the base. In case of larger damages, as well as in case of damaging other vessels, the lessee is obligated to notify the Head of the base of everything and to report the damage to the competent Port Authority. If the lessee does not meet all the above mentioned activities, he/she shall bear all the costs of the caused damage.

Insurance does not cover the damage on the sails, which is why the lessee covers such costs. This also applies to the damage on the engine caused by oil shortage. The lessee is obligated to control the oil status on daily basis. Personal belongings and persons on the boat are not insured, which is why we recommend the lessee to purchase separate insurance for this purpose.


The lessee undertakes to sail within the borders of the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia, and for each deviation of this, he/she has to get an additional approval. The lessee cannot sub-lease the boat or handover the boat to the third person; board more people than enlisted on crew list; sail during the night in case of bad weather; violate public rules, regulations and laws. The lessee is fully responsible for all consequences caused by violation of the mentioned regulations. The lessee, i.e. the head of the boat declares that he/she has sailing/navigational skills and possess necessary navigation permit for boat management, as well as a confirmation on passed radiophonic exam (which has to be presented during the boat handover) provided by the state institutions. In case the lessee brings a dog aboard the boat, he/she is obligated to notify the lessor in advance and pay additional 50% of the amount of Transit logo during the boarding.


The lessee is obligated to return the boat in accordance with general lease terms, with a full gas tank and complete equipment in accordance with the inventory list. The lessee is obligated to return the boat at the agreed time void of things and persons. The sailing schedule has to be planned so as to enable the boat to reach the main harbor regardless of the weather conditions. In case of delayed return, the lessee has to notify the lessor and for delay of up to 3 hours, bear cost of a daily lease, and for delay exceeding 3 hours, bear the cost of a 3-day lease as well as other related costs. The lessor is not responsible for the personal belongings of the lessee and/or crew forgotten/left on the boat.


Only written and mutually signed complaints are acceptable, whether submitted during the boat handover or return.


The Court in Zadar is the competent authority for any potential disputes which may arise and which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement.