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Required permits

The Croatian navigational law regulates permit for small vessels or yacht which was issued by the competent authority of the country of your origin. In addition to this permit, you must also possess a VHF permit. You should also be able to provide your passport or ID. Croatia accepts permits of almost all European countries.


Regardless whether you have a permit for small vessel or yacht, there is always an option of hiring skipper. Skipper will make you feel comfortable and safe while sailing you through the various destinations of the Adriatic coast and islands. In many cases, the skipper knows where the good restaurants, safe coves for anchoring or harbors are. He can also book restaurants. Skipper is paid on daily basis (the price is available on the specification for each boat), and you are also obligated to provide him with food regardless of whether you eat on the boat or in a restaurant.

Insuring the boat and the crew

The boat is covered by mandatory insurance (towards the third parties) and kasko- hull insurance. You can get information about the insurance terms under terms of the boat lease. The persons aboard the boat are not insured due to which we recommend payment of additional travel insurance.


Deposit must be made in cash or by credit card at the charter agency in the marina prior to departures, regardless of the fact that all boats have kasko-hull insurance. It is an amount with which you guarantee for the potential damage occurring during the boat lease. The deposit will be refunded in full if there was no damage on the boat, i.e. if during the check-out it is established that the boat is in the same condition in which it was handed over to you. This is also the highest amount you can be charged with and corresponds to the franchise of the kasko-hull policy in the amount of 1% of the boat’s value.

Children aboard

Children aboard can be very entertaining, they never sit still, are always on the go, always exploring. It’s a day of non-stop action. But, you have to be cautious and protect the children from Sun exposure and injury. We recommend taking sunscreen and re-applying it several times a day. We also recommend taking an insect repellent spray/crème, shoes with rubber soles which will reduce sliding on the wet boat surface. Children should also wear white shirts with long sleeves and hats. It would be good to bring along some games, cartoons...You can also rent protective nets and life-jackets for children. We recommend taking your own life-jackets since there are often problems with their size.


All marinas have parking places for guests and are charged 5-8 EUR per day. During the high season, you can encounter traffic crowds, due to which we kindly ask you to notify us in advance if you will need parking place and we will be glad to assist you in this matter.

What to bring aboard

You should bring lighter clothes, hat, sunglasses, shoes with rubber soles. It would be advisable to also take long pants, socks, warmer shirt with long sleeves (sweater, fleece) and a jacket. Sunscreen is an absolute must.

If you are going sailing in spring or autumn months, you should take a sailing suit and if possible rubber boots, warm hat and gloves. It is also advisable to take some warm clothing items. Sleeping bag will come in handy. Don’t forget your personal documents (passport, navigation and VHS permit) and medicines, if you are taking any.


Official currency in Croatia is HRK (Croatian Kuna). Other currency is not acceptable, but you can use your credit cards in almost all stores and restaurants (it is advisable to check when entering). Furthermore, there are ATMs in almost all bigger settlements and marinas, so we recommend you make sure you have sufficient amount of cash on you. You will need it to pay for various anchorages and harbor fees, in coffee shops, market and souvenir places stores, to pay for ice—cream ...

Pets on board

You can take your pets on sailing. This service is paid additionally as per the valid price list and we kindly ask you to notify us in advance.


There are around 50 marinas on the Croatian coast and islands, of which 21 are within ACI marina system. Sailing boats rented in ACI marinas have a 20% discount in berthing in all other ACI marinas. There is an option of on-line reservation in ACI-marinas which will cost you 10% on the price of boat berthing. www.aci-club.hr. All marinas and ports in Croatia have the option of the so-called transit berthing. In the high season (July, August) you should ensure sailing in until 13-14h00 if you want to berth on land, otherwise, you will have to anchor. This occupancy of marinas and ports is even more prominent during unsafe weather (strong winds, rains, storms). The price of daily berth for a 14 meter boat is 60-80 EUR in marinas (showers, toilets, electricity and water connections, service) while the price is lower by 20-25 KN per meter in ports.